• The  STEDI Type S LED Head Torch integrates the powerful High-Performance CREE™ LED into a lightweight and durable headband. Featuring a brilliant colour rendition thanks to the 4500K CREE LED, this market-first headlight torch is made to cast light on areas untouched by conventional headlight torches.
  • Seasoned campers understand the struggle of maintaining visibility without annoying others, not to mention themselves. The adjustable brightness on the main LED and flood beams will maximise illumination while keeping the intrusion of visibility at a low. The in-built red light is also perfect for any outdoor night activity, as it can preserve night vision and minimise pupil dilation. Whether you wish to minimise vision obtrusion in the campsite or keep game insight while hunting, the in-built red light delivers optimal vision in any dark environment
  • The main beam boasts a 235Lm illumination on High mode. Oh, and did we mention that this will last for up to 7 hours? The medium mode features a 90Lm illumination with a 20-hour run-time. If longevity and portability are what you’re looking for, then look no further.