STEDI Driving Light Type-X PRO 8.5 Inch

  • Icons are made through the pursuit of perfection, and with the introduction of our Type-X™ PRO, we are yet again redefining the auxiliary driving lights as we know it. A design that began with a single line on a piece of paper, iteration after iteration resulted in an emblem that represents our commitment to producing category defining products. Our PRO edition epitomises our commitment to maximising light output and reliability at levels that surpass the most respected players in the industry.
  • Forget folded steel brackets, it’s all yesterday’s news. The Type-X™ PRO is all about pushing boundaries. The bracket system is a 10mm thick high-pressure die-cast aluminum marvel of engineering. Our Type-X™ PRO bracket was designed to withstand extreme and prolonged corrugations time and time again. While they were designing for speed of production & cost efficiency, true to STEDI’s signature design principles, we added layers of complexity and additional assembly operations. Now, just imagine the lengths we went to with the optics.
  • Using the latest optic simulation modeling, the reflector geometry was tweaked over and over again to achieve a highly-functional beam pattern. An astonishing beam throw coupled with a homogeneous wide beam, will have you insist on driving only when the sun’s down.